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Transmission Repair in San Antonio, TX

Is your car struggling to give you the driving power you need? If so, the problem could lie with your vehicle's transmission. This vital part of your car is what allows you to shift your driving gears and give your wheels the power they require to move forward. Come to Matt's Auto Service to improve your car's drivability with our helpful transmission repair in San Antonio, TX.

Our repair shop offers a wide-range of full-service capabilities for both manual and automatic transmissions. Whether you need clutch repair on your manual system or a transmission flush on your automatic system, we are here to help. Some of our other services include:

• Routine Maintenance
• Preventative Services
• Repairs
• Replacements
• Rebuilds
• Differentials
• Flywheels
• Gearing

Transmission Repair in San Antonio TX

Bring Your Car up to Speed at Our Transmission Repair Shop

It takes many different parts working together to run your transmission successfully. If even one of these parts breaks down, your car will not be able to run properly. When you visit our transmission repair shop, you can be sure that you are receiving the specialized service that you need. Our mechanics are well-trained in all parts of a vehicle's transmission, such as the:

• Axles
• Clutch
• CV Joint
• Differential
• Drive Shaft

Clean out Your Equipment with an In-Depth Transmission Flush

Just like your vehicle requires routine radiator flushes, it also needs a thorough transmission flush every once in a while. Transmissions need to be lubricated in order to move smoothly, so they require a lot of fluid. Over time, this fluid can become full of dirt and grime. We will quickly get rid of this old, disgusting fluid and replace it with fresh fluids. Order this useful service on a regular basis to ensure that your transmission lasts for a long time.

Save Money on a New Transmission with Our Transmission Rebuild

Certain damages to your transmission may be more serious than others. In some instances, you may need a complete transmission rebuild. This type of transmission repair can actually be more affordable and less time-consuming than replacing your damaged equipment with a brand-new transmission.

Let us take a look at your vehicle and determine if a transmission rebuild is right for you. Some of the signs that usually appear when there is something wrong with this equipment is when your:

• Car Slips as Speed Increases
• Gears Provide Delayed Response When Being Switched
• Gears Shift and Jerk in an Unusual Manner
• Car Shows Signs of Fluid Leaks
• Car Emits Loud and Heavy Grinding Noises

Contact us to control your car's speed with ease once you receive our detailed transmission repair. We are proud to serve residents in San Antonio, Castle Hills, Leon Valley, Olmos Park, and Hill Country Village, Texas.

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