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Auto Maintenance in San Antonio, TX

Rather than waiting for something to go wrong with your car, stay up-to-date on how it is functioning and avoid needing expensive repairs by coming to Matt's Auto Service for complete auto maintenance in San Antonio, TX. By allowing us to give your car proper upkeep services, you are ensuring that your vehicle consistently performs well. From basic oil changes and tune-ups to thorough auto diagnostics tests, we provide a wide array of services that are designed to maximize your car's efficiency.

The Importance of Routine Oil Changes

Getting regularly-scheduled oil changes is vital to maintaining your car's high-functioning performance. Oil provides a multitude of benefits, such as keeping excess heat away from your engine. This important substance also:

• Makes Your Engine Perform Better
• Reduces the Buildup of Dirt and Debris
• Increases Your Miles per Gallon
• Prolongs Your Engine's Lifespan
• Decreases the Output of Harmful Emissions

Without oil, your car would not be able to function properly. Look in your car manual to determine which type of oil would be best for your car. Our shop offers oil changes with regular, synthetic, or synthetic blend materials. In addition, every oil change comes with a free complete vehicle inspection.

Auto Maintenance in San Antonio TX

Check on Your Vehicle with Our Detailed Tune-Ups

If you start to notice signs of wear in your car, schedule one of our tune-ups and let our experts breathe new life into your car. We will begin with basic performance checks to determine the condition of your engine.

Then, we will adjust settings and replace minor equipment as necessary. Some of the parts that we may swap out in your car include:

• Belts
• Distributor Caps
• Fuel Filters
• Hoses
• Rotors
• Spark Plugs

Stay Informed on Your Car's Functions with Our Auto Diagnostics

Has your check engine light turned on? If so, do not just ignore this important warning. At our shop, we provide extensive auto diagnostics tests that describe how well your car is operating and can determine why your check engine light is on.

A scan of your entire vehicle is taken and additional tests will be run if necessary. The point of this auto maintenance service is to make sure that everything in your vehicle is operating as it should be. If any issues are spotted, we will be sure to let you know before we repair the problem. Some of the areas that are tested during our diagnostic service are:

• Ignition Timing
• Engine
• Fuel Injector
• Ignition Coils
• Air and Coolant Temperature

Contact us to drive a car that runs like it is brand new when you order our auto maintenance. We are proud to serve residents in San Antonio, Castle Hills, Leon Valley, Olmos Park, and Hill Country Village, Texas.

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