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Auto Electric Repair in San Antonio, TX

Enjoy the contemporary conveniences of your car to the fullest by coming to Matt's Auto Service for detailed auto electric repair in San Antonio, TX. Many of the newer car models come with advanced technology, such as GPS systems and rearview cameras for backing up. All of these high-tech systems must be connected to electricity to run properly.

At our shop, we are up-to-date on all of the latest car technology. When your vehicle's electrical equipment starts malfunctioning, come to us for a fast and effective auto electrical repair service. We fix all types of equipment, including:

• Alternator
• Battery
• Defroster
• Headlights
• Power Steering
• Power Windows
• Starter
• Windshield Wipers

Upgrade Your Car Systems with Our Auto Electrical Repair

Electrical systems in cars run on a variety of circuits, switches, and other complex equipment. When you require auto electrical repair, it is best to turn to professionals who have experience working with this type of equipment. 

Our auto electric repair service involves running multiple tests to check your different systems and determine the cause of your vehicle's malfunction. If necessary, we can also run your check engine light  code through our computer to decipher what is wrong with your engine.

Start Your Engines with our Auto Starter Repair

A working engine is not enough to get your vehicle moving. You also need to have a working starter. The starter serves as the bridge between your ignition switch and your cars' battery by setting them in motion when you turn on the ignition. 

Let our trustworthy mechanics ensure that you have the power you need to start your car by offering a specialized auto starter repair. We begin by checking both your starter and your ignition switch. Then, we remove the starter and put in a new one if it is needed. Next, we test the starter again and finish by checking the starter relay, grounds, cables, and battery. Order our complete auto starter repair and get your vehicle back on the road.

Electrical Repair in San Antonio TX

Keep Your Vital Car Batteries Going

Although there are many different electrical components in your vehicle, they are all powered by one thing: your car battery. Keep all of the equipment in your vehicle running smoothly by coming to us for a free battery check. We examine your cars' battery and let you know if any services are needed to maintain proper function. You may be able to tell if something is wrong with your battery before you even bring it in. If you notice any of the following signs, it is likely that something is wrong:

• Your Engine Cranks Slowly
• Your Check Engine Light Comes on
• Your Battery Fluid is Low
• Your Battery Case Is Swelling
• Your Battery Emits a Foul Odor
• Your Battery Is More Than Three Years Old

Contact us to increase power in your car's vital systems with our effective auto electric repair. We are proud to serve residents in San Antonio, Castle Hills, Leon Valley, Olmos Park, and Hill Country Village, Texas.

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